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[Music] hello happy friends are you ready to learn i’m sarah and today we’re going to have a q a game that will fly high up in the sky because today it’s going to be about birds [Music] let’s start in terms of reproduction do you know what’s birds are like the viparous oviparous or viviparous or asexual [Music] exactly birds are a viparous that means that they reproduce through eggs let’s get to know a little more about these animals reproduction female birds lay eggs in nests rocks or the flora itself and incubate the eggs with their body heat until these become chicks [Music] did you know that laying hens in farms hold the world record of laying eggs they are able to lay 300 a year that’s amazing so if laying hens can live up to 10 years 10 times 300 is three thousand laying hens lay up to three thousand eggs in a lifetime that’s so much [Music] now let’s tackle the next question do you know how birds breathe through their lungs through their gills through their skin and lungs or through their skin pools when they’re flying [Music] of course birds breathe through their lungs and they have two super cool fun facts listen carefully to the explanation birds breathe through their lungs these are linked to some snacks called aerial sacks which fill up with air and allow the birds to fly another nature fun fact is that bird’s bones are hollow so they are very light in weight and make flying easier the truth is that nature is marvelous and so savey don’t you think [Music] let’s do the last question how can we know what type of diet a bird has by only looking at them through their beak through their legs through their size or through their head of course it’s logical we know what type of diet birds have because of their beaks but do you know how many beats there are if we look closely carnival birds have strong and curved beaks and thanks to them they are able to eat meat and hunt their prey within the carnivores we have those which are pacifists who eats fish they capture them with their long and pointed beaks herbivore and garniverous birds feed from vegetables and grains their beaks are short and strong and with it they grind seeds and herbs they feed from this parrot speak for example is able to break some dried fruits shells and lastly presenting the hummingbird the smallest bird on earth because it feeds from the nectar and flowers it has a very long and sharp beak and this way it can reach its nectar without breaking the flower it’s a very delicate bird well happy friends as i always say i hope you’ve answered all of the questions correctly but if you haven’t it’s okay because what’s important is that you’ve learnt lots of things and that you’ve had lots of fun goodbye happy friends see you next time i hope you’re always ready to learn oh and don’t forget to subscribe to happy learning tv goodbye [Music]
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