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[Music] hello happy friends are you ready to learn i’m sarah and today we’re going to go over everything we know about cells with a q a game [Music] let’s start which one of these living things is composed by cells plants and animals platinum or all living things [Music] of course all living things let’s get to know a little more cells are the smallest parts in living things and we are all composed by cells some only have a single cell and we call them unicellular for example some bacteria others have many cells and we call them multicellular like animals or plants by the way did you know human beings have hundreds of billions of cells wow interesting we do have cells indeed now let’s head to the next question although this one is a little bit tougher [Music] which one is the most important part of the cell the membrane the nucleus or the cytoplasm so the most important part is the nucleus but there are many other parts that are also very important let’s get to know a little more about them these images you can see a cell and its most important parts but you need to know that the nucleus is the most important organelle of all and that’s why we make it stand out from the rest the nucleus is a brain inner cell and it controls its functions within it there are genes which transmit the head terry characteristics from parent to offspring these crocodile babies look very similar to their parents because of jeans the truth is when their babies are so cute but when they grow up not so much well have you been paying attention to the explanation and observed the diagram properly yes well then you’re going to find this next question very easy what can we find in the cytoplasm is it the cell wall the membrane the organelle or bacteria [Music] of course the organelle let’s take another look at the diagram to learn a little more the cytoplasm what a weird word is a liquid substance which is found between the membrane and the nucleus and here in the cytoplasm we can find [Music] the organelle the organelle a difference between themselves and each one has a distinct function some for example are in charge of digesting food and others of eliminating waste that’s so cool i love learning new things and as i’ll always say the most important thing isn’t that you’ve answered all the questions correctly but rather that you’ve learnt lots of things and then you always want to learn more goodbye happy friends see you next time and i hope you’re always ready to learn oh and don’t forget to subscribe to happy learning tv goodbye [Music]
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